Celebrity Status

A celebrity is a status that many want to reach. Once the status  achieved, the fame is something that many people tend to shy away from, while others embrace. The obsession with this celebrity status has altered some people’s lives and has also changed them as a person. Is the flashing lights and cameras all worth it?

Fans line up and pay their hard-earned money to watch these so-called “celebrities” on television or live at events. There are all kinds of celebrities ranging from Dick Clark and Donald Trump all the way to Justin Bieber and Mike “The Situation” from the Jersey Shore. When you become a celebrity, you take on the responsibility to become a role model. Like it or not, some young kids and teens look up to you.

What makes Kim Kardashian earn the “celebrity” title?

Some celebrities deserve to have the spotlight that they do, but there are so many who don’t. There are actors and sports figures who deserve the spotlight because they have this one attribute that makes them earn that status, that one attribute is talent. Talent is something that you are either born with or is something that you develop over time. People who have this use this ability and can make a difference. Some can make a difference on the baseball diamond, and others can make a difference on the big screen and deliver award-winning performances.

Many celebrities are just celebrities because of their name or their appearance on television. There are so many people who become famous because they do something that draws attention on television and people become automatically intrigued by them. Reality television stars and most mainstream musicians fall into this category.

Turn on the radio and all you hear is a catchy beat followed by some lyrics. These lyrics have no meaning behind them, no positive message and best of all probably weren’t even written by the music artist. They are there because they are an attractive figure who can bring in the money. Reality television stars are the same way. Can someone please tell me where is their talent? What do they do that is different from anyone else? They live life and have a camera follow them around all day. The funny thing is that they live a scripted live, they don’t live the life portrayed on television, it is mostly just for show.

A celebrity is someone who the media pushes on us and tells us that they are a celebrity. That is my definition of what a celebrity is in our day and age. The next time you hear the word celebrity, separate the people who earned that status and the person  given that status.

10 thoughts on “Celebrity Status

  1. Amen to that! It is pretty sad what people are growing up looking up to and admiring, especially a lot of that crap on the radio, lord ‘a mercy. Fack, I feel old for saying that, but I think about it a lot too >(


    1. Its just pretty crazy that any kind of celebrity or musician can get away with saying pretty much ANYTHING. People will go crazy for it and just follow along with it not even knowing what it means!


  2. I hate celebs who are famous “just because”!!!. In fact, I have no interest in celebrities at all, all the personal info in magazines? – I really couldn’t care less if you’re pregnant again or not, getting married/divorced for the 3rd time, or have created your own fad-diet, and I think it’s silly that so many people do care. They obviously don’t have enough going on in their own life and need to find a healthier hobby! >< *rant rant rant* =P


    1. Well that was an amazing rant so keep on going, I don’t mind lol (: I totally agree. I don’t care about rich peoples lives! I just worry about my own!


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