No Love for the Sidekick

Why is it that whenever there is a heroic accomplishment by a group of people one gets remembered and the other doesn’t? It has happened multiple times over hundreds of years, and no one has said anything. I am going to take a stand and announce that the sidekick never gets enough credit. Yup, I said it, someone had to do it. The little guy never gets any of the fame or the respect compared to the main protagonist of any book, movie, game or anything!

Take someone like Michael Jordan; everyone knows who he is. People who don’t even watch the sport of basketball know who the best basketball player of all time is and that is Michael Jordan. What about his right-hand men Scottie Pippin and Dennis Rodman? If you say those names to the average person, they would say, who the heck is that? Sure, Jordan was the arguably the greatest of all time, but if he didn’t have Pippin and Rodman, he would not have been the same legendary player without them.

Jordan just has to be in the middle! Why can’t Pippin or Rodman be in the middle?

How about Luigi from Mario, he is always there for Mario every step of the way, but all he gets is a pat on the back while Mario gets the princess and all of the attention. How about Batman and Robin? Batman gets his movies and stardom while Robin just sits back being the nice guy who gets none of that spotlight. The list can go on and on; I am talking lists and lists of duos where one always outshines the other.

Every music band has the head singer, drummer and a guitarist. Guess who gets all of the credit, fame and attention from all of the fans? You named it, the lead singer of course. What a fan would brag about that them getting an autograph from the drummer or the backup guitarist, not many? The drummer and the guitarist are the ones who work the hardest and are probably the most talented.

Ever hear of the famous phrase it takes two to tango? Say an MLB pitcher throws a perfect game in baseball; that means that he doesn’t allow a single hit or walk the whole game. The only person who ever gets credit for the perfect game is the pitcher, but what about the eight other players on the field? The catcher is the one who calls what pitch the pitcher throws and there are also seven fielders who have to make sure they do their part and field any ball put into play so that the pitcher could achieve a perfect game.

It is the time that Robin, Luigi, Scottie Pippin, Dennis Rodman, all the other sidekicks and backups take a stand. They need to stand up and say, hey you know that Michael Jordan guy? He was good and all, but without me, he wouldn’t be the star he is today. Luigi needs to stop helping Mario all of the time and Robin needs to get a movie, Robin the Green Knight.

Let’s make it happen!


17 thoughts on “No Love for the Sidekick

  1. Ya know… In The Avengers group it seems a couple take front and center and a few are barely acknowledged. Everyone knows Thor, Captain America, Ironman and The Hulk. But it seems Black Widow, Ant-man, Hawkeye and Wasp are barely ever given the credit they deserve. It’s a shame too. Black Widow is awesome. I totally stand behind you on this one =)


  2. I love this! I find this happening a lot in novels. However, what I also find interesting about this, is that from a woman’s perspective, there are also very few women “hero’s” they always have to have the male “sidekick” or “knight and shinning armor.” Why not just let the women stand alone? Interesting post!


    1. Seriously, there are girl superheros like cat woman and wonder woman, but they are always out shined by the main hero. I am going to write a letter to some comic book makers and change this!


  3. This is so true. After all, Harry Potter would never have survived if not for Ron and Hermione! Same goes for pretty much any “hero” and his sidekicks. Your post is great – and it reminded me of that movie, Sky High!


  4. That is very true, but it was like a 1B title kind of game. The classic Mario games were called Mario World, Mario All-Stars, Mario Tennis and so on. Even Yoshi got a game too, but you can tell those games where no where as good as the classic Mario games. Those were just cash-in games. Besides Yoshi’s Island, that is my favorite game of all-time right there.


  5. Ahh you are so right! It’s about time that someone speaks out about sidekicks getting the short end of the stick! Whoo-hoo! Often times, sidekicks fare well on their own if they are given a chance! I mean, look at Luigi-he was finally given his own game, and it became one of the top-selling games ever released for Gamecube! And supposedly, there is going to be a sequel to that game that will be released for the Nintendo DS! Way to go Luigi! You are an inspiration for all sidekicks! ;D


    1. Whenever Luigi is an option over Mario in a game I always chose him :D lol The green dude really doesn’t get enough credit. He does just as much as Mario and without him, Mario would be nowhere!


  6. Thanks for the great post… I remember the Jordan / Rodman / Pippen days… Jordan’s one of my favourite athletes of all time!


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