Social Media: The Good and Bad


Today I did this, tomorrow I will do that, and I can’t believe that actually happened to me. Sounds kind of familiar, right?

Some people are obsessed with social media and the need to update their life to an audience. There are all kinds of people who use social media. Family members, friends and even celebrities use it

I think it’s time to stop talking about what happened to you on a daily basis and time to go out and actually live life without a status update every hour.

There are many positives when it comes to social media. I think the biggest one is staying in touch with all of your close contacts. It’s a quick, easy way to say hi to someone who you want to talk to, but don’t really want to call up on the phone.

Also, it can be used to share pictures and memories that you can sit back and reminisce on some day. All of this I get, I understand. I think that it is great to keep in contact with someone who you really couldn’t see on a daily basics. I am not saying social media is a bad thing. I’m saying people need to stop spending every hour of the day using social media.

Hop on a social media site and there are posts about some of the most useless things ever. Some of these posts include people pretty much sharing their life to the world.

There are people who tell every little issue of their life, including what they should eat for dinner that night. I think that people like to use it for attention, they want it to seem that they are so important that even their littlest of decisions will impacts someones life reading it.

Social media pressures young teenage kids into following trends for all the wrong reasons.

Let’s take an example, your friend Lisa has a party with a few friends. The day after, she posts all of her pictures from the party on a social media site where the world can see. All of her pictures include her and her friends in revealing clothing, surrounded by under age drinking.

Everyone she knows comments on her pictures saying how much fun they had and how it was the greatest night ever. What kid doesn’t’ want the spotlight and attention? Teenage kids are promoting that these actions are acceptable and worst of all celebrities are doing the same exact thing, showing that it okay to do.

Is social media a good thing or a bad thing?

I would still say it was a good thing, but with some hesitation.

There is no point to update every hour what you are doing, or where you are going, it is just crazy! It’s fine to enjoy social media, but not don’t become consumed with it. Don’t go crazy posting random things just for attention.

The world is watching.

24 thoughts on “Social Media: The Good and Bad

  1. Wow! You portrayed your thoughts really well! I don’t have a FB or twitter or anything so i stay away from this stuff, but i see so many of my freinds hurt by comments or see pictures that emotionally ruin their day. Also, thanks for liking my post! My friend and I just set our blog up 5 days ago and it means alot! Thanks and great post!!!


    1. Thanks you very much and you are welcome! I know people become crazy over Social Media. The thing is they pretty much put their whole life’s out there. When some says something over Social Media, maybe a stupid comment or something, they take real offense to it like it happened face to face. Crazy!


  2. I think the younger generation/those that are now teenagers uses social media in the wrong way. I personally don’t get involved in Facebook anymore because even those my age (27) still don’t know how to act. However, social media is the best tool when it comes to marketing and getting any kind of word out. I run the social media accounts for my work and I promote my blog on social media. With that said, the accounts I run aren’t for personal access and don’t showcase any personal information. It is all relevant information that is important to someone who is watching/following.


    1. That is very true with the marketing and stuff. If i was the CEO of a social media site I would do the same exact thing and target those audiences. It’s just so sad that the younger generations just don’t get it. They continue to put themselves out there and they don’t even know it. I’m not even that old myself, but I still am able to look past all of this social media nonsense where kids expose them self.


      1. Yeah, trust me, I watch my younger cousins and even siblings expose themselves all over Facebook. Especially girls… revealing pics, pouring their heart and soul out in status updates, bullying, etc etc etc!


            1. Well when I was a teenager I would just play video games and watch cartoons. Umm wait, I still kind of do that still :P lol I know what you mean though. As much as we can say were against it, people are still going to use it. There is no need to even waste a second of arguing because sadly that’s the way it is.


  3. You should check out the book ‘Alone Together’ by Sherry Turkle (spelling?). Particularly the second half of the book that takes on social websites.
    I think you may come to like it if your views are as you posted :D


    1. I would definitely look into it, but to be honest I haven’t read a full book in about 5 years lol It does sound really interesting and I’m sure I would agree with it!


  4. I really like your point about how social media can negatively influence other people. It definitely can. I think if you can use social media in a good way, to get positive messages across, it can be a very useful, powerful thing. But otherwise, yeah, sometimes people can go totally overboard with it!


  5. I used to be a personal just like you describe. I been addicted with social media especially when I finally meet again with my schoolmates and I thought it would be a happy moment that i can reunite with them again although there’s a boundary between us like a distant. But then I found that they are not like friends I used to know, many things have changed them. It is just like they add me and then … nothing! No “HI” except I start it. It is included my very close friend when we were in High School. I chat with her but it’s like I chat with someone I just meet. I can’t recognize her anymore even it seem thru her words that we have never been close before. Sad but true.
    Since then I think social media is full of falseness, maybe I’m wrong but this is truly happen to me.


    1. Well I can’t go as far as saying that Social Media can change the way people are, but who knows? It gives them a platform to say and do whatever they want and some people abuse it. They think that they are like a famous celebrity and have the need to be in the spotlight all of the time. I don’t get it!


      1. Thats my experience and I have wrote about this on my blog 3 years ago ( u can check it). And still happening until today. They are likely unknown people for me, so now I just updating things in my wall about silly things. Infact, people who I added as a partner in a facebook game now are my good friend. One of them has came to visit me and she is a very nice girl from New Zealand. Sad but true, where the closest friend now seem too far to be touched while someone who lives abroad has proved me that there’s no boundary in friendship. Maybe every one has a different experience, and this is my experience. But I don’t hate social media, I just stop loving it, lol ….


        1. Well that is why Social Media is good because you can stay in touch with people! I don’t hate it, I think it is very useful, but people just abuse the heck out of it!


  6. Agreed! I’ll admit that I use social media a little more than I should, but certainly not every hour or anything crazy and I’m amazed at the number of people who do! I know this one girl in particular who constantly blows up my newsfeed with extremely personal statuses, and a part of me wants to tell her to go outside for a minute. I also agree that FB can be negative for younger users, but I’ve also heard that people who spend too much time online are generally less happy because they start comparing their lives to everyone else’s. Anyway, great post!


    1. It’s fine to use, but just don’t become obsessed. People think that whenever something happens to them good or bad they just need to put up a post about it. Like seriously, I don’t really care about your little issues in life, I worry about my own!


  7. I often question those who post almost every single hour; it makes me wonder if they actually acted on what they let the whole world know they “did.”

    The people who post every one of their life’s problems often twist what actually happened, making themselves the victim in order to receive all the attention. It’s revolting. All of it.


    1. I agree! I feel as if it is all just for attention. I just don’t get why people have the need to post every little thing that happens to them. Some of the things are like really personal too and people just put it all out there. People need to stop over using social media, just because it is popular and the new trend. Start using responsibility and some sense.


    1. I guess we do think alike! lol I think it was about time someone said something about this Social Media nonsense that people are obsessed over! >.<


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