Two Lives to Live

Imagine not having only one life to live, but now you have two.

When you see a yellow box with a question mark. You have to jump and hit it, obviously!

Another day just walking through the park. All of a sudden, you find a box floating in the air with a question mark on it. Playing Mario multiple times before, you know what you have to do. Of course, you’re going to jump up and hit the block! That is what you do and out comes a green mushroom. It falls to the ground, starts moving to the right, and you chase after it. Finally catching up with it, you touch it, and it disappears.

Days goes by, even months and you go to the doctor for your yearly checkup. He tells you that he has discovered something that has given you another life, meaning if you would happen to die you have another chance to live. All of a sudden you freak out, well obviously, it’s crazy that you have another life. Thinking to yourself, you remember the trip to the park. Finally, it all comes together. Mario, a yellow question mark block, a green mushroom and another life, It was a 1-up mushroom!

What would you do? Now you have another life!

Let’s lay down some rules. This extra life is exactly how it is used in Mario if you would fall off a cliff or run into a Goomba you would be dead. Well in our world if you would run into a bus, but you get the idea.

I don’t know what I would do, should I just go to the top of a mountain, jump off and see what happens? I think I would have to do something like that, right? I need to utilize this 1-up, it’s not every day you find this kind of things lying around.

On the other hand, it would be pretty scary. I’m not sure if I would want to kick the bucket and come back, even if it was for only a few seconds. It would be pretty crazy, because who knows what actually happens to you in those few seconds when your gone. I find out when Mario falls off the edge of a platform, he just gets right back up and continues his journey. I’m not too sure that I would be able to get up like that and go on like nothing ever happened!

Now that I think about it, I’m not too sure that I want that 1-up. Maybe I should just stay away from yellow question mark boxes if I ever see one. They are pretty suspicious now that I think about it!

24 thoughts on “Two Lives to Live

    1. Well that is a good point. I would save it in case I ever had to fight a ninja or something just in case he chopped my in half or something! lol


  1. That is Super Mario~we could not expect to have the 2nd chance~so why not sparing no efforts to make full use of the only one chance. I am not sure whether I could be bold to hit the yellow question mark box, but I do want to know what’s answer in it. LOL~I watched the movie” Man of Black Three” yesterday~Recommended!


      1. Hmm, really tough choice! If you had a chance to see it again, would you face up with it bravely? Hehe~I guess I would be regret missing it…


  2. Let’s say I’d get a Green Mushroom. Even if the doctor would say that I’d have an extra life I wouldn’t trust him. I mean, let’s say I’d step in front of a bus and it wouldn’t work? Then I’d have lost my only life! D-:

    I’d play it safe and keep on living my life as if nothing had happened.
    And if necessary I’d give it to someone else, as you can do in Super Mario World where the players can give the other a few of their extra lives when pausing the game. :-D


    1. I like the idea of giving it to someone else. That is definitely what I would do. Well when I get a extra life in Mario it usually works, so the doctor is just there to reassure it. Giving it away is my number one option lol


  3. I think it might be pretty cool. I mean, you could use that one up to go ahead jump off that cliff or in front of that bus, knowing that you could come back… You could have the secret of the afterlife without wondering if others who have had near death experiences had the real deal or not. Or you just wait till you’ve lived a long and happy life and after you’ve passed away from old age, you’d be right back. But would we be the same age, just healthy, or would at that point be reborn into a new infant body while retaining all the knowledge we had accumulated in the life before? Hmm… Just what are the detailed rules for this one up? Either way, it would be… legendary.


    1. I know it would be so cool! Well I’m going with Mario rules just how it is used in the game. I think he comes back as the same Mario in the same time and age and everything!


  4. Great post Vin! I loved the playfulness of it and I’m totally on your side, I’d be staying away from that troublesome box too :P


  5. Being completely honest here, I would live life like a crazy person, drinking and doing crazy things, never settling down, until eventually I met my sad end by OD or STD’s or liver failure. Then, I would find the love of my life, have a couple of kids, a nice house, and spend the rest of my 2nd life like that.

    Or, y’know, jump out of a plane without a parachute. That sounds fun, too.


    1. I like the third option, jumping out of a plane lol I don’t know I guess you have to do something crazy and make use of it. It’s just crazy to think about!


  6. I’d be more afraid of those government agencies hunting you down!
    The powerful would love to get their hands on a second life.


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