Another, Call of Duty Remake

So you just got the new Call of Duty game, pretty exciting stuff. Go to your local store, grab your game, put it on your system, and your ready to roll.

After playing for about ten minutes a question pops into your head, is this Call of Duty 4 or Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 because honestly all of them look and feel the same.

That is the problem, and that is also the solution. Let me explain a little more, as a gamer that is the problem. As the company CEO, that is the answer. If I were the CEO of the Call of Duty franchise, I would continue to do what they are doing. And that is, release a Call of Duty game every year and watching the millions of dollars pile up.

Call of Duty is a fun game don’t get me wrong. If you want to play a quick game, just hop online, shoot some enemies and then on with the rest of your day.

The game play when playing Call of Duty is so simple. You chose your gun, you find your enemy and you shoot him.

There is no learning curve or move set that you need to learn compared to a game like Dark Souls or Street Fighter. It makes it easy for anyone, of any age group, just to jump in and play.

When Call of Duty first came out it was fun and exciting because it was something new. As the years went on the new additions included: a new map here, some new guns there, and some progression from the past year’s storyline. To some that are all that they wanted, they wanted to keep the same formula because they were use to it but wanted a few changes here and there. To most it got boring and repetitive, pretty much playing the same game, but in a different period and an environment.

As a gamer, when your pay $60 for a game you want something worth your money. The new Call of Duty 25 is pretty much going to be the same game as Call of Duty 3.

As a the company owner, keep producing a Call of Duty every year, if the fans continue to buy it, then why not keep making it? If you’re tired of the same Call of Duty over and over the only thing to do is not buy a game. If the sales decrease, then there would not be a new game every year.

For now, people will keep on buying, and the Call of Duty franchise will keep on producing, and I honestly can’t blame them at all.


9 thoughts on “Another, Call of Duty Remake

  1. I agree completely with your post. I don’t blame Activision at all for making copious amounts of money off of people. I played CoD all the way up to Black Ops and stop buying them there. I switched to Bad Company 2 and now play Battlefield 3. The biggest reason I left was because of the community was mostly full of annoying people.

    However, the gameplay is simple, and that’s why it appeals to those people who are very young. It also appeals to people who do not really play video games a lot. I liken it to something like a sports title. I know plenty of people who buy a system ONLY for sports games because that’s all they can/want to play. CoD is the Madden of our current console generation. So no, I can’t fault them at all for making money.

    This is terrible to admit, but honestly the best thing I liked about CoD is that it keeps a good majority of the people I can’t stand, out of other games that I like.

    The last part I’ll comment on is the point you made about the being able to get in and play quickly. I think there’s more to that. The reason the gameplay is so simple (besides reducing the barrier to entry for a wider audience) is that you can get almost INSTANT gratification. You don’t particularly have to work for it. Psychologically it’s probably akin to stimulating your brain quickly without any real effort, maybe like a line of cocaine or something. (That last part could be me just being facetious)

    Well one thing is for sure, next console generation (depending on what they throw at us) will either be death of CoD (victim of it’s own success), or they will change it and keep hammering out titles. If there is one thing that’s been proven in our industry, over saturation can be an extremely bad thing.


    1. I totally agree with your Madden and CoD comparison! The thing is that people don’t like playing games that there not good at and I’m kind of the same way. With CoD it is so easy to play and people from all ages can play it.

      I think that people are starting to catch on about what CoD really is and I think overtime it will begin to lose their big following. I just don’t think they can keep up with their repetitive nature over and over again.


  2. I agree with a lot of what’s been said by other commenters, and by what you said in your post. The point you make about it being so simple anyone could catch on is interesting, because I’ve never played a CoD game and I understand most everything about it. I teach high school and a lot of my students play CoD, so just by listening to them I feel like I’ve played the game. It’s not a bad thing… I think a lot of games serve the purpose they’re meant to serve and have their good points and their frustrating ones (day one DLC for ME3, anyone? grr).


    1. Well the simpler the game the better back in the Nintendo and SNES days. Now these games are so complex and people invest so much time into them. That is why games get mad when someone new to the game can beat them without even knowing the controls, I would be mad too!


      1. Definitely understandable! I think that’s another challenge developers face, especially for games with online matches: how to make it accessible for gamers new to the game and/or franchise, and how to keep it complex and challenging enough to keep loyal gamers coming back for more.


  3. The balance between business and innovation is one that every developer/publisher has to deal with. It’s difficult to be critical of Activision/Treyarch from a business standpoint because the games sell so well. What I think the issue most gamers have with the franchise boils down to a certain lack of respect on the publishers/developers part.

    If you play Call of Duty, then yeah it get problematic when year after year more new players can just show up and destroy those who’ve been long-time followers of the series. Now I can’t talk from experience (since I’m not a Call of Duty person), but if one of my favorite franchises started launching what amounted to glorified map packs every year and expected myself and other fans to simply eat it up, I don’t think I could help feeling like they’re just taking advantage of my enthusiasm for the game. Which oddly enough is exactly what the people behind Call of Duty are doing. I get the feeling that after 2-3 more games, most of their fanbase is going to catch on to this and stop playing, or simply lose interest. This is why innovation is an important component to a healthy franchise, because without it, sooner or later your fans will either think you don’t respect them or simply get bored. When that happens, franchises die.

    People who don’t play Call of Duty mostly complain about it because they see it as a threat to further development of the industry. Seriously, if CoD can sell millions of copies of the same game to the same people year after year, then why wouldn’t other publishers/developers follow that example?


    1. I am a Call of Duty fan and is pretty frustrating to watch a franchise who only cares about money. You are right about the map packs, those are just easy cash ins. If they wanted to give fans price for there dollar they would release all the maps with the games.

      I just don’t like the direction these games are going with now, online passes, DLC’s its just terrible to see!


  4. Call of Duty is going to be around for a while because of the large influx of new gamers and because these new gamers have never played a previous Call of Duty title, it’s going to be the best thing out there. They won’t realize the repeated formula until next year in which there’ll be even more gamers than before.
    I guess we’re doomed, eh?


    1. That is true, Call of Duty is a game used to draw in new crowds. That is why the old school gamers of Call of Duty get so upset when someone who never played before can play and do well. They can just jump into a game, camp, use claymores, use cheap tactics and pretty much play like a beginner, but end up with a high score at the end!


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