Sports with the Boys

Behind every great man there is a woman. In the United States, it says that there is fair and equal opportunity for all.

Men and women have their own sport leagues, separate for each gender. There is the NBA for men and the WNBA or women. I think that there should be no barrier between these leagues. If a girl wanted to play with the boys, I think that she should be able to.

There are some girls who are better at their sports than men.

Brittney Griner of Baylor University can dunk a basketball. That is an amazing accomplishment as a girl. She has the attributes and the talent to hang with the boys on the court. She is 6’8 and dominated in college. I think that she could stand head to head with some NBA players. I’m not talking about someone like Kobe Bryant. But I think she could put up a fight against some players who sit on NBA benches and are just there collect their paychecks.

I believe if a woman has the ability to hold a “man’s job” of being president then woman should also be able to play sports against men. Women and men should be able to do whatever the other one can do. It is only fair that both are given an equal chance.

We will never know though!

Danica Patrick is a woman who is defying all of the odds against the men. She holds the finish by a woman at the Indianapolis 500 race, coming in 3rd place. You can not take away from any of her accomplishments because she is breaking boundaries for women and showing that they can hang with the men.


My problem with Danica Patrick is what she does away from the track.  She is a model and a spokesperson for Go Daddy. By becoming a model and appearing in risque Go Daddy commercials it takes away from her accomplishments on the track taken seriously.

As much she is setting an example for why women should be able to play men’s sports, she is also hurting it the same time, by exposing her body and using her looks to elevate her fame (not saying that men don’t do the same thing, woman are sadly held to a different status).

There is even girl’s football league called the lingerie league, and now there is a new bikini hockey league that was recently announced.  This is pretty much just an insult to girls who play professional sports. It’s just a bunch of half-naked girls running around playing sports. It is an easy cash in and a way to degrade women athletics and bring in easy money.

We broke the barriers of race in sports over a hundred of years ago, and I think it is time to break the barrier of gender as well.


12 thoughts on “Sports with the Boys

    1. I agree with you. It’s still kind of not fair though that just because she is attractive, she gets judged because of her looks. In the same regard, she is the one putting all of the attention on herself.


  1. sorta reminds me of controversy in the military… should women have lower standards to meet than men? no! it doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or a woman when you’re in Iraq, when it comes to survival there should be standards in general, not a double standard.


    1. That is very true! They should be equal on every single level. In the U.S they preach freedom and fairness, but there are still these kind of rules. I don’t think that it is fair at all.


  2. A really good post with a great perspective. I agree on the points about the lingerie football league. Just by calling it the ‘lingerie’ league says a lot, and none of it serious, unless of course your thing is lingerie and football. To the point of Danica and Hope though, I’m not in complete agreement. In general, I would say over 50% of commercials have some kind of sexual connotation even when the product being advertised has little or no sexual meaning whatsoever. Like I just watched a commercial for Cheerios and it has overt sexual overtones. Why? Don’t know. It’s cereal, man. So I guess I’m saying that it’s more of an indictment on the advertisers than on the athlete. The athlete wants to take advantage of the opportunity to make money through endorsements. And they are using their available attributes to do so. What I like, especially about Danica, is that she can compete with the guys and be good at her sport, yet still maintain a level of femininity. Too often, women who play (or even like) sports are perceived to be ‘mannish.’ Danica proves you can be pretty and sports-minded and capable at the same time. For me, I don’t let her off-the-track activities take away from her performance on the track.


    1. I agree with the whole be pretty and still beat the boys concept.

      I was just watching girls college softball today and all of the girls have eye liner on, like is it really necessary to wear makeup and play sports? Your drawing attention to your appearance rather than attention to your performance on the field.

      The thing is that women argue that they want equality and fairness, but go out and pose as models just playing into the stereotype. I want to see girls play against guys, I think can be just as good. I just don’t think they will be taken seriously if the select few continue to use their status for attention rather than sports!

      Thank you for the good post comment, I kinda got carried away there lol :P


      1. No, you didn’t get carried away — I really appreciate the perspective. I think it boils down to our genders. As a woman and though I love football, I have to admit, I appreciate some of those great bodies in their tight pants. :-) It is completely different if I’m watching women sports — I’m just looking at whether they are playing well with no attention to any particular physical characteristic.So you and I are looking at each sport, male/female from a very different perspective.

        I played quite a few sports coming up and I liked to look cute (though I didn’t wear makeup during play) and I was a better than average player. Maybe the ladies you saw have the same feeling and don’t want to be taken as tom-boyish. Here’s where I think society perceptions come in — if you look like a girly girl or accentuate any feminine characteristics, then we can’t take you seriously. In other words, you have to be more ‘manly’ to be taken seriously. Some of today’s female athletes just love their femininity and love their sports and I think both concepts can co-exist. This is a good topic and I’m really seeing some good points-of-view. Thanks…


  3. I love this post because it brings up a lot to think about…I too am having a hard time because of the double standard but more so because…why do athletes male or female feel the need to be in ads and pose sexually?! I watch sports for the sport…not to see Beckham or Patrick half naked on a billboard…Ha I guess it sucks for those that really do just love the sport. I wish all athletes felt that way, that the sport was enough. Good post though!


    1. Thank you so much! It’s honestly its not fair that it only girls get criticized for modeling. Then again, its really hard to find male athletes who use their athlete status as a gateway to modeling and appearing in revealing commercials. Its definitely a double standard and its kind of not fair!


  4. Oops, I meant to like this post, not the other one. Umm not that I don’t like the other one, I just haven’t read it yet =P
    Anyways, I really thought this was so interesting. I’m quite stumped on what I think though. Instinctively I want to agree with everything you said and really, you are probably right that these two female athletes may cause people’s perceptions to twist in a negative way. But then I also have to wonder if the problem starts with people having a problem with women showing their sexuality like that — like, oh that girl’s a ho because she’ll pose in her underwear. But .. and I hate to bring up the double standard but I must .. would ppl react the same way to a male athlete posing half naked? I doubt it, right? So where does the real problem lie? I dunno, sorry I’m thinking out loud and rambling now….. =P


    1. You are free to ramble all you want, I dont mind at all! lol :D I totally agree with you though, it is not fair that male athletes can get away with it. I think the females use it to their advantage though, they just want to stir up interest and attention idk its hard drawing the line between the two!


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