If Only Superheroes Were Real

So your walking down the block in New York City. You see an old lady getting ready to cross the street. It is your picture perfect scenario to walk over there and help her. Make you feel good about helping an old lady and look like the good guy. You’re all ready to go, to wait for the right moment, hoping that a lot of people around to see you do this good deed.

All of a sudden here comes something flying toward this old lady. It is a red object, wait…no! You finally realize that it is a person hanging from the web. This mystery person swoops up the old lady, drops her on the other side of the street and continues swinging from building to building on his web like nothing ever happened. Don’t lie, if that ever happened it would be pretty awesome.

Imagine if all of your favorite superheroes came to life. All of the superheroes that we all idolized growing up, turned into reality!

Another day, another morning. You get ready to go to work once again, wake up, go outside, and you get your daily newspaper. You turn to your left to say hello to your neighbor and you see this kind of cool looking car outside of his house. Looking closer you realize that is a the Bat Mobile, the same one that you use to watch on television as a kid. Making his way out of the car is Batman himself, he looks at you, gives you a wave and continues his average day of fighting crime.

If superheroes were real, there would be no need for the police force. Just think about it, who in their right mind would want to mess with a superhero with supernatural abilities that could take you down in an instant. Well of course if you are a villain like the Green Goblin or someone like that. Besides those crazy villains, there would be no one, and I mean no one who would have every stand toe to toe with a superhero in a fight.

I am not going to mess with someone who looks like that… ripping up the ground for no reason!

Picture this; you get pulled over for going 35 mph over the speed limit. You lower your window to deal with a cop who is going to yell at you, and then you realize, it is The Hulk. Yes, the giant green guy who can crush you into pieces if you dare to give even him a funny look. I know I would say something like, “Sorry for speeding Mr. Green giant looking guy, just please don’t hurt me. It won’t happen again I promise.”

I would then take my ticket, not say a word and get the heck out of there. Of course, if you paid The Flash a few dollars, he could get you to wherever you wanted to go in lighting fast time. You would never have to worry about another speeding ticket ever again.

Is it a crazy idea to have the world with real superheroes? I don’t think so at all. I believe it is a win-win situation for everyone involved here.

Heck, let’s go as far as saying that there would be no need for a president. I think the Justice League would do a pretty good job of keeping our country safe.

24 thoughts on “If Only Superheroes Were Real

  1. I think we’d be in trouble if anyone had the slightest power. One person with a gun can take out a town one by one let alone having superpowers. They could just take out cities even trying to help the city. It only takes one person to mess up everything for everyone else.


    1. Well if superheroes actually acted like superheroes they would be out doing good and not bad. I hear what you are saying though, people would definitely be looking to abuse their power.


    1. That is such a cheap shot right there! But I could not agree more, imagine if we could just hand the ball off to him every time. It would be so awesome lol


  2. i was watching tv the other day, and there was a show about real life superheroes and there was few guys in cool gear walking the streets on LA fighting drug dealers and crime, it kinda looked cool but the police were always against them


    1. Really? It’s hard enough for them to fight villains, but now the police are against them? Geez, its not easy being a superhero! lol


  3. Okay, I’m going to nerd out here for a second…

    I love the idea of a world with superheroes! Unfortunately, I fear that things would go awry and we’d turn against them. Like in The Incredibles, when they’re forced to hide their powers due to accidental damages caused when using said powers. Or like in Watchmen, when heroes fighting crime was outlawed and they were forced to retire.

    The sad truth is, people don’t like to accept faults or flaws in themselves or anyone like them. It’d be too easy to pin it on the superheroes because they’re different. But still, an interesting post :)


    1. Being a nerd is always welcome, nerds are amazing lol(:

      Well its pretty much going to be like a whale living with a bunch of fish. It would pretty tough for them to fit in, just like the world we live in today!

      I think it would be pretty awesome if they were real though. I think they would do a lot of good for the world! Some are kind scary though o.O


  4. If they were real though they would have to live normal lives. They would be similar to celebrities and would still have to go about their daily activities. They couldn’t really be hidden anymore! They would have to get a job and pay taxes! Well that’s what I think lol

    I thought your post was pretty awesome. There never going to be real, so everyone can have their own opinion. I just did it for fun! Then again who knows maybe they are real o.O


    1. Fair enough, i understand what your getting at. The super hero wouldn’t be the one paying taxes however. It would be the alter ego. Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent. Thanks for posting about this I love the topic haha!!


  5. I’m going to write a blog about the same thing with some different views. Batman wouldn’t be in the driveway waving to his neighbor haha. He would still be secretive and not want anyone to know where he made base at.


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