Hardest Sport to Play?

Sitting at home and yelling at athletes on television is a hobby for some.

Fans get outraged at these over paid athletes. They think that they should perform at their highest level every time they go out and play a sport. They yell and curse at the television, whenever an athlete strikes out or misses a big shot in a game. Going out and performing in front of millions of fans, in the stands, and on national television is not as easy as it looks.

An athlete is someone who posses a skill or a talent that makes them capable of playing a sport. Every athlete is different, some are good at being strong, others are good at being smart. Each game requires a different skill set for an athlete to succeed at that particular sport.

Some sports, people are just born to play.

If you were born 7-foot, can catch a ball and put it into a hoop, then you are destined to play basketball. If you were born 5-foot, 110 lbs you could make the perfect jockey.

There is one sport though that doesn’t require any height or weight requirement. This game takes both strength and smarts. It is one of the most watched sports today but doesn’t get the credibility of a sport such as football, baseball or soccer.

I am talking about the most difficult sport to play, that requires the greatest skill set. That sport is golf.

Take your golf club, get your tiny little golf ball and hit it into a hole that is 4.25 inches. Did I mention that you only have a certain number of tries to do this and that the location of the hole is anywhere between 100 and 600 feet away?

I think that golf is the hardest sport to play. With sports such as football and basketball, you can practice and build up muscle and strength to become better. Golf is a sport that requires a unique skill set. People of all ages can play golf, unlike any other sport. There have been golfers the age of forty who have won the Masters. In sports like baseball and basketball you can define the odds of age and play, but you are at a greater disadvantage.

Golf is similar to wine, as you get older you get better.

Golfers become smarter and learn how to angle their shots and judge what golf clubs to use on different shots. It is not easy judging a shot with gusty winds trying to alter the direction of your shot.

Each sport requires a particular talent to succeed. I am not attempting to say that tennis or soccer is easy to play. Sports like boxing and football take a lot out of you. Those are sports of determination and heart. Who can outlast the other opponent to the end?

There are individual positions that are tough to play. Such as a pitcher or a quarterback. Each of these posts requires smarts and skill. It is not easy trying to read a defense and throw a perfect pass or throw a baseball in an exact location on the edge of the plate.

The difference between golf and those awkward positions are that you can overcome being a quarterback or pitcher with other talents. What I mean by that is: if you can’t throw a perfect pass, you can succeed in other ways.

Running for a first down by yourself or throwing quick passes to your star receiver, can take the pressure off of you. A pitcher throwing 100 miles per hour can intimidate any batter.

As a golfer, you are out there on your own. You get help from your caddy, but it is you against the wind and the course. There is no alternative way out you can use to help get out of a bunker or a forest. Reading the wind and choosing the best club is your only way out.

Playing any sport is difficult and requires a ton of skill, of course.

I’m just saying the next time you turn on the television, just think about how hard it is actual to play the game of golf. Reflect on the unique skill set it requires to hit a golf ball into a hole that is 4.25 inches big and over 500 feet away.

19 thoughts on “Hardest Sport to Play?

      1. LOL I actually played mini-golf last weekend… I lost :( but I did get the first hole in one! Wahhoo! But ummm I was told “mini-golf is nothing like real golf.” Haters gonna hate! haha


        1. People don’t understand how hard it is to get a hole in one in mini-golf. I’m pretty impressed :D Let the haters hate, for the average person mini-golf is hard as heck! lol


  1. Here in the UK, darts is considered a sport but also mocked by others. Sure there’s not a lot of athleticism when compared to something like tennis, but these guys practice at least six hours a day, have to have mental stamina and concentration, and also have to deal with issues such as neck and back pain. That’s still a sportsman in my eyes.


    1. I agree that is defiantly a hard sport. A sport is anything that takes a unique skill. Many people will look at you like your crazy, if you say darts in the hardest sport. But it actually is really hard, compared to some of the popular sports.


  2. I like how I threw everyone off with the picture. Kind of hit them with that surprise if they actually read the whole thing! If I helped realize that golf deserves more credit, then I did my job! It is definitely a sport that requires many different varieties of skill.


  3. With the Muhammad Ali picture in the top I thought you’d write about boxing, but now that I’ve read the whole text I actually feel a little bit of admiration towards Golf players for the first time in my life. Even though I was aware of the circumstances around playing a good game of Golf I never put it in the context you just did. I simply realized the great skill that’s needed to play even a decent game of Golf.


  4. I didn’t know golf was a sport! Like pool! Or badminton. Or ping pong… ;) I kid. Golf takes some skill. I can’t even miniature golf :(


    1. Golf is really hard! Mini golf is 10 times harder lol I wonder if golf pros would actually be good at mini golf. I would have to think so! lol


  5. I don’t think boxing or MMA takes much skill honestly. It’s pretty much just a brawl. I used the classic Muhammad Ali picture to show that dude facing the “toughness” of sports lol The MJ thing is true, he hopped right back into the NBA and still was a force.

    Well I have no defense there lol Tiger pretty much just got richer and carefree as he got older


  6. Haha, I was definitely expecting one of the fighting sports like mma/boxing, but golf I guess when the best golfer takes a year off and basically loses everything, it’s a pretty difficult sport to play. MJ took some years off, came back, went right back to winning championships.


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