No More Reality Television


You turn on the television to find something that is entertaining to watch. Flip to the first channel, and it doesn’t look like it is of any interest to you then on to the next one… the next one. Finally, you stop on this new reality television show that catches your eye.

If you start watching, then you will notice that this show is pretty much what you do on a daily basis. The only difference is that it usually involves celebrities or people claiming that they are normal just like you.

For some reason just because it is a celebrity, people can’t change the channel. They must continue watching to find out how these people live on a day-to-day basis and watch the “terrible” life they have rolling around in millions of dollars.

I think the biggest problem why people waste their time watching reality television is because it is “popular” and it is what everyone is watching.

You go to work or school and for some reason, everyone loves to gossip about reality television. I just don’t get it, people spend their time watching how other people live instead of worrying about their lives.

There are many different reality televisions shows from the Jersey Shore to show like Survivor and Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory. These are three entirely different shows, but they all have one thing in common. They are all trying to entertain the viewer and keep them interested so they can make sure the audience watches the next episode and keeps the money pouring in.

Do you think that Snookie and the other Jersey Shore members act like stuck up snobby Guidos off camera?

I am sure they still do to some degree, but they are actors. People don’t get it!

They still tune in to watch these shows and give up their time to watch how other people live or claim how they live. These are the same individuals who complain that they don’t understand how reality television stars make millions of dollars even though they still tune in every week.

I think that it is time for people to tune out from the television and tune in and worry about their lives (smh – shaking my head).

35 thoughts on “No More Reality Television

  1. I agree, Reality t.v. Is stupid. People tune in all excited like to see their favorite superstar act like they “normally do” when really a lot of those shows have people telling them what to do. Some have scripts but it’s mostly someone else telling them that they should act this stupid next or get in a fight for entertainment. I suppose some of it could be entertaining in the sense that you’d laugh at how stupid they are sometimes but otherwise it isn’t worth watching. Yes, it could be entertaining but still, when you think about it it’s not really what those “stars” do on a regular basis. It’s like when you’re around new people and you act a certain way. That’s how super-stars act around an audience.


    1. If they are going to have a show with a celebrity just admit that it’s fake. There is no need to lie to the viewer and try and make it seem as if it’s real!


  2. I am guessing not everyone is ignorant of how unreal they really are. For example, in an episode, a man tells his confidant that he has something sensitive to tell his fiancee/wife/girlfriend and he would love his confidant to keep it a secret. IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA. The whole world has heard already and you want your spouse to regard it?
    Anyway, it’s entertainment eh!


    1. That is so true. Some of they story-lines are just for show. They are pretty much actors who are getting paid not people living daily activities.


  3. I don’t get reality TV. How about living your own life a little more fully so that you don’t need to resort to that for entertainment? It seems like such a total waste of time. Go clean your kitchen, and at least get something done!


  4. I know! You should really make a post of why reality televison is not as bad as it seems, that would be pretty awesome lol Well I think that it is good that people disagree, it makes it alot more fun! I was the same way back then, but I definatly dont want to be on that show though. I would get hurt lol I would love to be on Fantasy Factory though lol =P


  5. UMM I practically wrote another blog entry in your comments haha! All good points. I love these discussions! You can go on forever with this stuff and talk about it for ages.
    And yes, Fantasy Factory is pretty awesome. I don’t know if I would personally go on a show like Jersey Shore, but in high school I would’ve given anything to make some sort of appearance on Jackass :)


  6. It’s totally cool to disagree. I wouldn’t of made a post about this if there weren’t people who liked to watch these shows because obviously a lot of people do. I never criticized anyone who watches these shows. I just don’t understand why they are so consumed in watching other peoples lives.

    There is only one reality show I really follow and it is Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory and the original Rob and Big show. These kind of reality shows I really don’t have a problem with. They are funny as heck and I think of those shows just like how cartoons are funny. I don’t know if you watched any of those, but those two are two of my favorite shows.

    Now to my problem, shows like the Jersey Shore promote younger audiences that it is okay to get drunk, get in fights and start stupid trouble. Would you want your kids watching that? I wouldn’t. I also wouldn’t sell out to have the lives that they have. I wouldn’t want to set an example and show my kids to take the easy way out in life. I would never want the kind of reputation that those people have either.

    That is my opinion! Pretty long I know lol It’s perfectly fine for people to disagree. I’m sure a lot do!


  7. Just a quick disclaimer, I am NOT trying to start drama, this is just my take on The Situation (Jersey Shore pun intended). I’m gonna go ahead and go against the grain here. I thoroughly enjoy reality tv from time to time. I hate the Kardashians, but I love Big Brother, and I kept up with a good number of seasons of Jersey Shore (fyi there’s an English version called Geordie Shore which gives the Jersey cast a run for their money). OBVIOUSLY this is not how people act on a daily basis, but I think we can all agree that it’s not what you’re looking for when you tune into these shows. People watch tv because it’s entertaining. A break from our daily lives, that can even help us feel better about ourselves on some level because no matter how bad your day is, at least you didn’t drunkenly show your crotch on national television. Everyone has their own method of distraction, and this is one that millions of people can agree on.
    And so what if they make money off of this? These are actors doing what was written in a script, so based on that should we not also start hating on any other actor on a hit tv show? Isn’t the goal of any show to gain viewers and generate revenue? If someone paid you to sit in the sun all day and drink unlimited amounts of alcohol with your friends, are you telling me you wouldn’t do it?
    I wouldn’t be so quick to talk down people who enjoy reality tv, because some of us have lives too. And hell, some of these shows really are just funny. Perhaps it’s a generation thing, or maybe my sense of humour is not as mature as yours, but I have no shame in what I watch. I’m not missing out on my life because of it, but when I do have spare time I’m not sure what the problem is. I also like to read books, and go outside, and participate in society. I think as long as you keep it in the back of your head that this is not in fact what life is like outside of your front door, and treat it like you would when you watch an episode of Friends, there’s really no harm done. And at the very end of it all if you still don’t like what you see? Watch something else.


  8. Thanks everyone! Im glad everyone agrees!(: lol I just don’t understand why people care so much. Who the heck cares what the Kardashians or Snookie is doing on a day to day basis. They are all obviously actors. It is like spending your time to watch a movie, it is all for entertainment!


  9. wow agree with you. one of the reasons I haven’t had cable in a few years. I watch tv shows and movies but reality shows have taken over. I don’t know what is so appealing to see people act stupid and drunk or whatever.

    I’m glad my son isn’t exposed to that trash!


  10. Halleluja! Someone finally understands me! I hate… REALLY HATE reality shows. One of my friends- a guy, happens to own the entire season of Jersey Shore. He made me watch one episode and it was totally out of control. How can people sit all day, party everyday, create drama and not think about money? Real people can’t afford partying at clubs everyday. I think reality shows are totally unrealistic.

    I wish they could come up with something more interesting than reality shows.


  11. haha — so true. I haven’t watched a reality TV show since the first season of The Apprentice and the villainess Omarosa. LOL Look forward to the day when we call tell of the reality shows “You’re fired.”


  12. I know! It’s crazy how consumed people get in all of these shows. They say they hate to watch them, but they still do and contribute their time watching these shows.


  13. Could not agree more. Even though people claim it as “reality,” this garbage is still scripted/edited in a way to bring in as much money. Many people are too naive to realize that, and there are some who would rather spend their time dreaming about what they could have instead of appreciating what they already have.


  14. I can tell that that you watch way too much, gosh. You know like all of the people on the show. I have no clue who most of them are lol

    That is so true, people like to watch other peoples lives bacuse it is something that they don’t have and they want to know what it is like. They just need to focus on their own lives though!


  15. Agreed! Yet, it’s what most people want, they buy into it as a distraction from the lives they have in reality.


  16. I’ll admit that I definitely watch more reality TV than I should, but I completely agree with you. Snooki and The Situation are pretty much household names now, but I guarantee that MTV could have picked a different combination of eight Guidos/Guidettes from a pool of at least a thousand other people in that age group and demographic, and the show would have been just as popular. No, there might not have been the same Ron/Sammi drama or the Vinny/Pauly bromance, but the show would still appeal to the same people and the characters (because that’s what they are) would gain the same kind of notoriety.

    Great post :)


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