Should College Athletes be Paid?


I play for the love of the game. That is usually the phrase that professional athletes say when are asked, why do they play sports?

Sure, I guess that is one of the reasons why they play. That, and also because professional athletes make crazy amounts of money. I am talking millions and close to billions of dollars. From their salaries to off the court and field promotions such as advertisements, appearances and products.

This is when the question comes into play, if professional athletes get paid by their teams then why don’t college athletes get paid by their schools. I think if you start paying college athletes it will create a lot of controversy.

First off, who would decide how much each athlete gets paid and what amount of money? Do the star players get paid because they are better than the players on the bench? There are so many unanswered questions that need to be answered.

As a sports fan, what makes watching college games so much better than the pros is that these kids are playing hard and are giving their all. They are playing for a chance to make it to the pros and make money. I think that they need to prove themselves on the college levels and show that they deserve to make money at the next level.

If you pay college players now it will hurt them as an athlete and as a person.

It would take away their drive to go out and compete at a high level every single game that they play. They will sit back and collect their money, not caring if they would win or lose. I think that this is a problem with the pros today.

Professional athletes get yelled at by fans because they know that they are slacking off and not caring if their team wins or loses. As a professional athlete, you have an obligation to play to your fullest potential every game no matter what the score is.

I think that the system should stay they way that it is now. Let college players learn hard work and how to play the game to the fullest, let them earn their way to the pros.

Let’s just hope these college players can learn how to play for the love of the game and not love for the money.


9 thoughts on “Should College Athletes be Paid?

  1. I agree with you. Its pretty obvious that there are under the table deals going on. Cam Newton got caught and eventually was forgiven and no one even talks about that anymore. I just wish it wasnt like that.


  2. No I don’t like the idea of college athletes being paid or compensated in any way. Now, that said, I believe there are many who are given “considerations.”

    Money, parties, “ladies,” cars, help with grades, etc. It’s like the bounty-gate thing. Everyone shows shock when someone is caught, but it still goes on. Same with paying college kids.

    Is that just being a “hater?” No, I think it’s just being pragmatic…it’s just the way dross works in the world.


  3. Agreed. I think that if you’re playing a sport as an amateur with hopes of becoming a professional, the time you spend as an amateur is the fee you pay for that opportunity. Same as any occupation, you have to work your way through the ranks from the bottom of the ladder. At the bottom, you’re paid very little, if at all. But you do it in hopes of one day attaining a greater position. Athletes are no exception. I find myself wishing that sports weren’t such a business.


    1. I know it really sucks that it is mostly a business now. It’s all about making money and become a star. It’s not about the actually game itself anymore and playing for the fans. It gets me mad!


  4. Actually, it would be kind of cool to see the whole free agent and bidding war thing lol It would make for an amazing addition in NCAA Football 13′ the video game. But I agree, it would be bonkers if it actually ever happened.


  5. Not to mention you would have to pay ALL college athletes – football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, lacrosse, soccer, gymnastics… the list goes on and on.


  6. Exactly! There would be so much crazyness going on if they did. You are right about the whole scholarship thing too. They are already being rewarded, it is kind of not fair that they are being rewarded for athletics instead of academics.


  7. I think also if you paid college players, where exactly would the money come from? Tuition rates are rising every year, and I don’t think it would make many broke college students happy if they had to shell out more money. But, in some ways college sports players do get paid. If they get sports scholarships and possible full ride scholarships, and other benefits to have that student go to that certain university, in a way it is payment.


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