Top 4 – Sports Uniforms

When you play a sport it has to be done in style, it is a fact.

After that game winning shot or walk off home run for the win, it better be done looking good. I’m going to take a look at the best looking uniforms in sports today!

ImageNFL – Carolina Panthers

Now that the Panthers finally have a good QB under center, it is time that someone shows their jerseys some respect. The blue and the black combo is pretty awesome. You pair that with a pretty mean looking panther for the logo and I think it looks pretty fresh. I like the complimentary silver touch to it as well.


NHL – Anaheim Ducks

These aren’t the Mighty Ducks from the movie. The Anaheim Ducks go with the black and gold colors. I think anything black and gold, has that swagger to it. That feel like, don’t mess with the ducks or else. I do love the old school white and purple Mighty Ducks uniforms from the movie too. Goldberg could not be messed with in the net rocking the purple.


NBA – New York Knicks

These jerseys are classics dating back to the Walt Frazier days. When you see the blue and orange you know that you are facing the Knicks. I just think the history behind the team and colors really make these jerseys what they are. There has been some altercations from the original logo and lettering, but these Knick jerseys are definitely classics.


MLB – Atlanta Braves

The blue, the red and the cool script A for the logo just go together perfect. I like the Braves jerseys because they are simple and not overly flashy. Compared to some of the other overly colorful jerseys in the league, like the Miami Marlins for example. The Braves manage to keep that fresh, clean look.

8 thoughts on “Top 4 – Sports Uniforms

  1. I really wasn’t going for the look of the logo. I was saying my opionion on the best looking uniforms! I agree the classic jerseys and logos are always the best looking ones. The lol means lots of laughs!


  2. there’s no more classic logo than those of the original 6…simple, crisp–timeless…namely that of the mapleleafs….and what did that “lol” mean. if you thought those were stupid should have put T.A.T.U. on the list


  3. Thanks for visiting my blog! I like what you did, very creative! Did you see Baylor’s neon uniforms? Those were…interesting. Maybe a Worst Looking Sports Uniforms could be a follow up.


  4. I like this idea too. Even though I don’t really agree with any of your choices… Except for maybe the Atlanta Braves only because I would have picked the Boston Red Sox and well, color wise it’s a similar story there.


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