The Zombie/Vampire Thing


Why do people always follow the new popular trend?

I guess I will never know.

Some of the popular trends were awesome don’t get me wrong, like the Pokemon trend back in the old elementary school days. I even understood the Jersey Shore and Justin Bieber trends, even though they were crazy, I still understood them at least. Now the new trend is all about zombies, vampires and the living dead. I will never understand this one.

So people enjoy watching zombies and vampires attack poor innocent people? Is that what people like, I mean that’s what zombies and vampires do. They are scary looking dudes who are out to kill humans. Twilight, True Blood and some of these other shows and movies, even show you not to mess around with the undead.

Sure, I guess it is entertaining to watch on television. But, I wonder what would happen if all of these zombie and vampire lovers were faced with an actual real life zombie or vampire. 

How entertaining would it be then, exactly. They all would probably run away, instead of being intrigued like they are when they see them on television.

Keep on loving your zombies and vampires, but if you are ever faced with a real life one. Watch out.

(2016 Update: I am now a big zombie and True Bood fan. I am #teamzombie)


38 thoughts on “The Zombie/Vampire Thing

    1. I still think that they are weird, just my opinion lol It’s just crazy that someone can come up with an idea, put it on television and people will follow. There are millions of people who follow this trend, so I’m not singling anyone out. There are just spending all of their time and money into this silly trend. Just don’t get it.


  1. Well it pretty much comes down to what is popular. If someone came up to you about a year ago and started talking about this cool, new zombie show they were watching, you would think they were weird. It’s also sad that the media can push something and people follow it, its actually kind of scary to think about how they can push anything o.O

    The whole gangster rap argument is kind of different. They are promoting a negative message and people should not be listening to that kind of music that is promoting that message any way. At least zombies are fictional and not really believable. I guess that’s why people are intrigued by it!


  2. I see your point and I like where you’re coming from, but trends happen because prime time tele and the media tell everyone what to like. There was awesome shit back in the day before Twilight came out though, like the original Night of the Living Dead, Dracula, The Beyond… even b-grade horror like the Wolfman, Tremours, Alien, all in a different realm but actual classics nonetheless. I’m not a fan of Twilight either (let’s get real, the literature is not literature and the acting are mostly just a bunch of sexy looking actors vying for cameras on the red carpet) so I just justify the love of the trends for what people are hungry for, and media knows what most everyone will stuff their faces with. But I have to back up a love for horror / suspense because it will always be my favourite genre. Buffy, one of my favourite shows ever, though it’s not too horror like, I’d still toss it in the b-grade folder. Zombies… How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse, A Zombie Survival Guide, interesting reads if you’re into that.

    Though it’s difficult for me to understand the obsession with new age gangster rap music (with misogynistic lyrics, obsessions with money and wealth, disrespect) I justify it by saying, “People eat up what you give them.” Like Agent K always said, “A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it.”

    Cheers, thanks for this post.


  3. It’s a social science issue which reflects in popular themes. People right now feel like zombies – and the undead – just working without thinking. They are feeling trapped. So basically the zombies represent wider society and the zombie killers are the ones who try to break free of that or never become one and we like to associate ourselves with that. That’s why it’s popular.


      1. It is – because if you would just state it, the fact will be forgotten soon. Nobody decides if it’s time for a zombie/vampire hype, it’s the intelligence of the masses that chooses this. And on average we all feel helpless at the moment. Time to smash some zombies and stake some vampires to get our frustration out.


        1. This is very true. It’s pretty much the collective choice of people to follow this trend. Obviously people find it interesting though because they are so consumed in it!


  4. It is just another trend that people follow. It was vampires and zombies and who the heck knows what is next. I’m sure whatever animal or thing they put next on a television show people will follow, that just how it goes lol


  5. I stayed away from the vampire trend all the way up until a few months ago when I gave in and decided to read Twilight. Which, I am not gonna lie, I loved. (The movies mostly sucked though.) However, I have tried to watch a few things since then like The Vampire Diaries and it’s just too much. It’s so dramatic and just an extended version of Twilight. And True Blood is just all about sex and sucking blood, funnn. lol.

    Don’t forget about the werewolves. Every vampire story seems to have a werewolf or two.

    I agree with you, it’s overrated. My one-time obsession, Twilight, is over now, so I’ve pretty much lost interest in the vampires.


  6. Dude, if Pokemon were real, I think I would run away too. It would be like legalized dog fighting. Think of the animal abuse! I’ll take the zombie apocolypse, thank you very much. At least it will give me an opportunity to find some creative uses for duct tape.


  7. I completely agree with you! During my freshman year, the only thing my boyfriend at the time and I ever fought about was whether or not the zombie apocalypse was a major threat. I always said it wasn’t, because (a) the zombies would be decomposing too fast to really harm you, and (b) who says they would have to be vengeful and hungry for brains? Maybe zombies are pretty nice. (I’m an optimist.)

    The vampire craze is out of control. I just saw the preview for the last Twilight movie and I couldn’t help but laugh! I’m not sure I understand the vampire/zombie craze, either, although I’ve been seeing a lot of Snow White/fairy-tale related shows and movies lately and I’m betting that is going to replace the vampires/zombies for a while.


  8. I don’t know I wish I could tell you! Mostly girls for crazy for them too, I guess to get a girl a girl to like you now a days you need to have fangs and or look like a crazy green zombie lol


  9. I remember back when Twilight first came out and my friend was OBSESSED with it. She made me tag along to at least 6 showings. After the first time seeing it I slept through the rest, an expensive nap is what it became. ha!


  10. I just don’t know why people are addicted to them though! They go crazy for these T.V shows and movies, I have no clue why. I really don’t see the big deal, I don’t understand it. Atleast robots are interesting and could be somewhat productive in helping people!


  11. Twilight aside, vampires are pretty cool…on Halloween. As for zombies, I like Shaun of the Dead. It’s a true parody of the zombie movie. I’m not big on the “real” zombies though…but someone did say robots were the next vampire. I’m all for that!


  12. This is awesome, i really don’t get where all this came from, the zombie/vampire crowd has always been such a niche market, now it’s like everybody is involved, don’t get me wrong, i’m ho hipster complaining that it’s now mainstream. just odd the way things go!


  13. I get the vampire thing because they can be attractive… either sparkly in Twilight or they just seem to have sex appeal like in True Blood. I don’t understand zombies though… there is absolutely nothing attractive or appealing about them.
    they even did a Deadliest Warrior on vampires vs. zombies……


  14. I think it’s because of the whole 2012 being the end of the world shenanigans that people are thinking about armageddon more often.


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