Top 3 – Best Mario Characters of All Time


It comes down to this; a bunch of classic characters, but only one can be the best!

It is an epic showdown of… who is the greatest “Mario” character from back in the day (and current times). I call them the classic “Mario” characters because they were never creative enough to come up with an amazing group name (lol). I’m going to narrow it down to the top 3… then pick a winner.


Mario is an Italian plumber, no seriously he is. Mario could be called the leader of this group and he obviously is the most popular. I get the outfit and all, but one must think that it would get a little uncomfortable running around in suspenders all day.  This guy’s life mission is to save Princess Peach from Bowser (evil bad guy). I just don’t get this dude though. So, Peach runs off and Mario saves her… and then she runs off again…. and once again. Mario is there for the save. Just give it up already Mario, you already saved her once, and you really don’t need to every single time.


What more is there to say. This little green guy has a giant tongue and can fly, well not for a long time, but I count it as flying. He even lets Mario jump on his back and ride him, making him by far the nicest dinosaur I have ever seen. Yoshi actually saved Mario back on Yoshi’s Island (for the Super Nintendo. No, not the terrible 3DS remake).  Without Yoshi, there would be no Mario or Luigi. What other dinosaur would let you sit on their back? (as I mentioned). Exactly, there is no other.

Donkey Kong

The king of the jungle himself. Back in the day Mario and Donkey Kong used to be rivals. Donkey Kong was always throwing barrels at Mario as he tried to climb some ladders and save Princess Peach. Over time Donkey Kong turned to the good side, eventually leading to him and Mario putting aside their differences. Donkey Kong, with his side kick Diddy Kong, were a dynamic one-two punch. Donkey and Diddy ran through Donkey Kong Country together stepping on alligators and riding on frogs. Donkey Kong AKA DK is also known for his DK rap, if you don’t know what it is, I recommend you check it out, its pretty epic.

Three classic characters, but only one can win.

The winner is…

… wait for it…..

wait for it….


Let’s face it without Yoshi there would never be a Mario game. If he would’ve never delivered Mario and Luigi to their parents, Mario would never have been anywhere near as popular as he was today. Who knows what would’ve happened to him?

I guess that it kind of helps that Yoshi is my favorite character, so I’m a little biased. But…. he wins!

Honorable Mention:

  • Toad
  • Peach
  • Luigi

28 thoughts on “Top 3 – Best Mario Characters of All Time

  1. Love this post Mario everything has been on my mind lately. Watched catchphrase – the beginning sequence looks like rainbow road out of mario kart. Watched tennis and one of the broads squealed like princess peach each time she hit the god damn ball!!! #marioforthewin

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  2. I think we should be thankful that Popeye’s creators decided to pull out of the partnership with Nintendo in 1982.

    It was this that prompted Mr Miyamoto to hastily create Mario (Popeye) and Donkey Kong (Bluto).

    I mean if that never happened we may have never seen any of the great, great characters that have spawned from that.

    Aside from that, I have to say that Mario is and will always be my fave character of any game ever, as he is almost my age and has hardly faultered in popularity and appeal over that time.

    Great post, thank you. :0€)


    1. It’s hard not to chose Mario as your favorite character. You really can’t go wrong with any of them, but that little green dino Yoshi is my dude! lol


  3. This is a very serious debate; choosing the finest Mario character is of grave concern to us all. I don’t know, however, if the matter can so easily be settled on Yoshi… Thanks for liking my blog :-)


  4. I have debated on this back and forth, but I still have to go with Mario. For some reason, he’s the man that makes it all happen. Maybe it is because he changed over the course of time from ape poacher to a hero of princesses.


  5. Nooo! Mario is definatly a great character, but he just gets all of the attention cause every game is called Mario Kart or Mario Party! I played the classic Mario games too, so you are not old shush lol


  6. What? Stop it. It’s Mario, of course!! I should ask my 7 year old nephew. He loves the Mario Bros games. I got him started on the classic Super Mario Bros. and now he plays all those fancy Wii and DS Mario games. *sigh* I’m old.


  7. I agree, but he is kind of scary looking lol I think Koopa Troopa could be a very under rated character as well. I love that little turtle dude, he’s the man


  8. I feel that ‘Boo’ is under represented in the Mario games. I mean look at that first picture, he’s all alone.


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