Mainstream Rap/Hip-Hop, My Thoughts 


The mic is in your hands and there is an audience hanging on your every word. What you say is broadcasted over the radio airlines and is listened to by millions of people.

Some embrace their power to spread a positive message and others don’t.

I think that radio stations are at an all time low point. A point where there needs to be a censor on some of the music that is played. It is to a point where it is getting crazy. Music artists can say whatever they want and people will listen.

They don’t care if their words spread a negative message; they just want to make a quick dollar.

Artists like Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller make music just to make money. Almost all of their songs are about money, drugs, guns, and exploiting women. There is no positive message to any of the songs that they have. Those songs are the same songs that get played on the radio because people think they are catchy and popular.

Not all artists spread a negative message. Rap artists like Lupe Fiasco, J.Cole, and Common all spread music that actually have some kind of meaning. I’m not saying every single song they have is positive, but a good majority of their music is positive. Music artists like them still don’t get much play on the radio.

Music with a negative message gets rewarded with radio air time. Music with a positive message gets put on the shelve.

The thing is that it’s going to get worse before it gets better. Maybe one day someone will finally catch on and realize.


29 thoughts on “Mainstream Rap/Hip-Hop, My Thoughts 

  1. I love that I’m not the only one who thinks this way. Rap with a positive message is great, and I’d listen to that all day. Music (not even just rap) with a negative message is seriously polluting the airwaves. I have an eight-year-old sister and the last thing I want is her listening to the crap artists are coming out with.


      1. It really is, and I know that pretty soon my sister is going to start asking me questions that I’m not going anywhere near. Even Disney shows are promoting young dating and things that I never even considered as a child–kissing boys (for years I believed that my teeth would fall out if I kissed a boy…thanks Dad), sneaking out of the house, deliberately disobeying my parents…not that I was a golden child, but holy crap, Disney. Holy crap.


  2. I truly agree with you on this subject. I am from the old school r&b, that was when songs truly said and meant something. I understand you want to protect your children from alot of the music that is played now, but sadly despite the best of efforts, they will hear in school hear on the way to school, over at a friend’s house etc …


    1. The problem is that there is no longer a positive message behind lyrics. It’s so hard to find music that actually promotes something good. You are right though. It is hard to protect younger audiences from hearing this kind of music, its pretty much inevitable.


  3. It is crazy I know, geez. Trust me it is not getting any better either, it is only going to get worse. They might as well not even block out the curses anymore.


  4. Well said! Most of the rap and hip-hop out there is completely disgusting! I don’t think people realize how much of an influence this has on boys and girls, and men and women. What has our society come to?


  5. I wish these new artists would be different. There are a few, but not many and they are not popular. The artists and newer artists that people know and follow are mostly the ones on the radio. The thing is that all of the artists on the radio all promote the same negative message, while the positive artists are not even noticed. Sometimes I wonder how it use be on the radio back in the day, gosh.


  6. Vinny – the discouraging trend is definitely noticeable on a more-than-surface-level glance at the lyrics of a song by someone like Wayne compared to one by, say, Lupe. I hope rap doesn’t completely float away from more substances and newer artists can hopefully remind us of more meaning and message-driven music like Public Enemy & Ice Cube



  7. Well at least you are pointing you’re kids in a positive direction. It’s funny how you came u with a game to replace the curse words, very creative! If you at least try and change someones perspective on their choice of music and they don’t listen there isn’t anything you can do. But having tried and failed is better than not trying at all!


  8. As a parent, it is beyond frustrating. We don’t play mainstream music in the house, however, as our boys get older they are absolutely dipping into all kinds of music. Our girls hear it on the playground and sing the songs word for word. (we make a game out of changing the offensive lyrics to acceptable ones—a challenge for creatively challenged Mama). we TRY to use these opportunities as teachable moments and WHY those lyrics are wrong, the words are offensive, etc etc. It’s really gross in the entertainment society and on a whole we’ve really lowered the bar on expectations of artists and what we put up with. Freedom of speech I get, subjecting anyone and everyone to vulgarity on a regular basis…..not so much. For now, we choose to turn the channel, hopefully we plant the seed for our kids that they can choose not to listen as well.


  9. I agree with you completely. Kids look up to these artists as role models and they don’t know any better. They see these artists with fame, money and want to life that same lifestyle. Little do they know the actual meaning behind all of the lyrics.


  10. I couldn’t agree more with this. The lyrics in some mainstream rap, hip-hop and pop songs are just a disgrace to the artists themselves. It’s just disgusting how they are allowed, and encouraged to carry on doing this, as mindless crap with a beat and some hooks seems to sell. This kind of music is a huge influence to younger generations, and I just find it stupifying. I never listen to the radio anymore, I’m so bloody sick of Lil’ Wayne and all the other ones.


  11. It’s terrible! I listen to some of these rap and hip-hop artists and I am shocked with what they can say and get away with. It’s really sad that there is still an audience that hangs on every word and lyric these artists say. Half of them don’t even know the meaning, they just sing along anyway. Gets me so mad!


  12. its nothing more heartbreaking to hear my 2nd & 3rd graders repeating those lyrics … now me as an adult I can enjoy and even relate to some of the lyrics but i know the difference between reality and fantasy. I’m a music lover and enjoy playing music in my art class i just cant put on the radio cause the have all types of inappropriate music on and the students no ALL the words SMH!


    1. I have a 3rd and 4th grader and they learn the lyrics of the songs…I help the girls change the offensive lyrics to more acceptable ones, probably not exactly a classroom activity though. Katy Perry. UGH! Wish she could channel her talent otherwise.


  13. Books, movies and music, it is a sad trend. It seems there is a falling away from the basic value of life. If you respect life, the goodness and positive aspects then you really don’t want to watch or listen to such things.


  14. Well I think that something needs to be done. Sure you can censor out all of the curse words, but the meaning of what music artists are trying to portray are still obvious. There really needs to be some sort of PG through R rated type of scale on these radio stations, like movies have.

    That is never going to happen though. There is never going to be any change. It’s all about what stirs up interest, what is popular and what is going to make money.


  15. I’ve noticed the same of certain books lately.

    But then it comes down to the question of whether free is speech should be accessible to all when the content is a little–ahem–specific. It’s a matter of material reaching unintended audiences.

    I’m also all for fuckin’ censoship though. So… where’s the line, and what exactly is to be done about crossing it? Nothing? Or something?


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