Best Fantasy Sport to Play?


I know how it feels when your favorite sports team is constantly losing. It’s not fun and very frustrating. Sitting there yelling at the television, saying that everyone on the team should be fired is an everyday occurrence.

Every sport fan out there thinks that they can run a team better than the management  in place now. Well, actually, now you can run your own team.

In the mid 1990’s fantasy sports were created and every sports fan dream came true. Fans were now able to draft players from the NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA, NASCAR, and even golf. Fans are now able to run a team however they wish. They could set line-ups, drop players, pick up new ones and execute trades.

But which fantasy sport is the top of the bunch?

The most popular fantasy sport is football. Fantasy football is by far the easiest one to play.

All you need to do is set your lineup once a week and your team is set. For me, fantasy football is the most frustrating. You might have the most dominant team on paper, but your opponent can get lucky for that week and beat you. Trust me, you will never live it down either, especially if you’re in a league with your close friends, or people at work.

The next two popular fantasy sports after fantasy football, are fantasy hockey and fantasy baseball.

These two are pretty similar.

Fantasy baseball and fantasy hockey  take a lot more of your time, especially if you are in a league where you need to set your lineups daily.

Instead of one game, a weekend, and a winner you have a full week of games (almost everyday). Now, in case your team has a slow start, they can make up for it later in the week. The roster in fantasy hockey and fantasy baseball is a lot deeper, and there are a lot more spots to fill on your team. Managers really need to know all of the players and the potential breakouts who could help their team.

Well then… who is the (fantasy) winner?

For the busy, casual sports fan I would say fantasy football is your choice. Don’t get me wrong, fantasy football is pretty intense because every game matters and that one lose can hurt your season.

I think that the best fantasy sport has to go to both baseball and hockey. Obviously, if your only a hockey fan or only a baseball fan, and not both, then you have your own personal winner.

So next time your yelling at your computer screen or phone, and your fantasy team is losing, the only one you can blame is… yourself.

4 thoughts on “Best Fantasy Sport to Play?

  1. Well I use CBS sports line and and Yahoo and I have to say CBS is my favorite to use. They both have different systems of scoring points. CBS has a point type system and Yahoo has a category system. Yahoo’s way is defiantly harder because you have to make sure you draft players who fill each category. Fantasy sports are amazing though, they make watching sports so much more fun.


  2. Fantasy football can definitely be frustrating from week to week. My personal favorites are Baseball, football, and basketball. I’m in the championship in both of my leagues–Yahoo and ESPN. I’m starting to prefer yahoo’s format, though. You still win a trophy for placing in the top 3. I don’t know why ESPN took that away. I use to use sportingNews’, but they completely messed up their site and Fantasy game experience.


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