April 11, 2014


He hides behind a new sea of camouflage
shades of green and brown colors
similar to the terrain he fights on

it’s what he breaths now,
it consumes him
it’s his new norm

he’s killed a man in cold-blood
and strangled another until his last breath
but he won’t let it be told
nor will he ever tell his family
or seven-year-old daughter,

he doesn’t want her dad
to become the enemy.

He sits there alone
in the desert, under the stars
as his camouflage colors
turn into shades of greys and blacks
for he is a man who has lost himself,
behind army lines.

At home,
he imagines
his daughter sitting on the window sill,
waiting for his return and running
down the front stairs and into his arms
before he can make it to the door.

His image shoots warmth through his veins
and into his heart
not for if his moment will ever happen,
but when it does.

She doesn’t know it,
maybe never will,
it’s her
that makes him stay alive
for another day,
it’s her

that is
his hero

I Won a Poetry Award!

April 10, 2014


So I recently entered my school’s poetry competition for a collection of poems and my collection didn’t win, but one of my poems did!

My poem Write in Color, won an Honorable Mention as a stand alone poem and I got the chance to read it in front of a bunch of people, it was awesome. Thanks to all of my readers for inspiring me and pushing me forward, never would have thought a poem of mine would ever win anything to be honest.

PS: Not too sure what a guy like me is going to do with a rose. I told one of the judges I would have rather taken an Xbox lol Hopefully I can find somewhere to donate it to, I don’t want to waste it lol

PPS: I actually found and went to a place to donate the rose!

Nothing will Remain

April 8, 2014



Don’t push me from behind
and think that’s okay
I don’t need help,
I’ll get there

on my own.

See me now,
take a mental-picture
Never again.

Now I’ll be
where I want to go
and when I get there
I will make it
where I want to be

For my memory,
nothing will remain
this note
posted up on your door

A Touch of Grey

April 6, 2014

May I addcrow-187x300
a touch of grey
to your sky of blue.

For what I’ve seen
is not blue,
but something like
a passing storm
through your

flawless skies.

As a mix of gray
and touch of blue
will change the mood
to a sky
I would never
dare to ruin


Would like to thank Robert Frost’s Fragmentary Blue and Dust of Snow  as the premise to my own combination of the two.

My Words

March 29, 2014

I can write these words
put them together
and use them

as my voice,
as my puppet,
as my escape

and tell everything
I want them to say,
because I know
they won’t argue,

they’re voiceless without me.

But these words don’t
express everything,
everything that is me.

I’m limited,
to the sixty
blue lines
on the page

in my brain
constantly telling me
what to write
and what
to lock away,

only for me to know

Celing Tiles

March 22, 2014

He’s to impatient to wait,
too eager to relax
too ambitious to stop

but he sits there,
he knows he should stand
but he’s nervous
nervous to make a mistake
and ruin his one chance

so he stares at the ceiling
and counts the tiles.
He taps his fingers anxiously
he knows this time is his
not anyone else’s,
it’s his

CeilingTiles_3D_1_0001.jpgb29e52e3-f832-4a26-a786-9f47a3f5e099Largeand he’s not sitting anymore

3 A.M. Train

March 15, 2014


As the train engine sounds
he hides under his covers
fighting off insomnia
and the inability to dream.

In his reality
he dreams of boarding the train
and chasing his dreams along the tracks
but he knows
its parallel and narrow
long and direct
with many stops in the way,
but he can’t wait.

He needs to know if it’s worth it,
if he will ever find his true being
and his reason for existence

so there he lays
night after night

waiting for 3 A.M.
waiting for the train
waiting for the chance

to turn his insomnia
into dreams of reality

Admit One

March 11, 2014

832d6f7c2204b8a1852a2a2e11b49fa1Come purchase
an admit one ticket
on the ride of life

strap in your belts
and enjoy the moments
along that way.
These moments
coupled with memories
will make the trip
worth the
price of admission.

Step up
claim your seat
before it is taken
by someone else

Post #100

March 10, 2014

Thank you!

First, I would like to thank any one who has ever stumbled upon my blog and read any of my posts.

Number-100When I began this blog a couple of years ago I never expected that it would turn out the way it is now.

This blog is a timeline of my life and I like looking back on my older posts and seeing how much my writing and I have changed over time.

I have been able to connect with so many others bloggers on here, it really is amazing. I appreciate all of the feedback and opinions that I get on my writing as it keeps me motivated to keep on posting, thank you (again).

Sorry, for the boring post, but I wanted to take the time out to thank everyone.

Here is to several hundred more! (:


March 9, 2014

It’s friction that makes heat
heat that makes a spark
spark that makes a fire
and fire that guides the lost.

It’s ambition that makes a thought
thought that makes a dream
dream that makes a goal
a goal that guides

the lost back toward the fireside



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