On Thin Ice

I decided to “remix” one of my older poems and turn it into something new. Here is the link to my old poem On the Edge… check out my 2.0 version below!




They just don’t know,
what it’s like
standing on edge,
fighting for survival
living each day
without no one reason to go on

it’s easy being human,
for they own the word,
as they say.
But me, I’m just an enemy, hiding in mountains of snow,
fighting each day just to see tomorrow’s sunrise.

On this block of ice
is where I get away.
The excitement, and danger of
peering into the unknown
and venturing off on my own
gives me a rush, one I often desire.
Hunters won’t find me here
neither will my cubs,
and it’s what I need. Sometime I wish that I
could float down a stream, get washed up on an island
and never come back.

Please get me away
from the snow,
and into the sun.
I want to be on my own,
and feel what it’s feel like
to be to be warm:
on both the inside and out

All That I Can Do

scrabble board game words

I wrote these words
only for you
so do with them
as you wish.

Take them for the literal
or the figurative
it doesn’t matter to me
as long as you promise
to read them
and know
they were written
only for you.

Crumple them up,
throw them out
and burn them in flames when you’re finished

but as long as they were read
and not wasted
I know
I’ve done
all that I can do

Alone in the Woods

big foot woods

See these fingers,
see these hands
they’re like yours,
waiting to be held
warmed to the touch.

Give me a smile,
give me a wave
not just a flash.

I’ll be your travel guide
follow my foot steps
down to the riverside
we’ll lay

watch the sky turn orange
count the constellations,
if we’ll ever get that far

trade me your freedom and
I’ll give you mine

No Traffic on Rt. 17

We take it for granted,
the ability to see and be seen;
ninety miles per hour on the highway
would be accompanied by red and blue lights

But not tonight.

It’s an orange-white street light
over your shoulder
masking the faint-taste of alcohol
on your tongue and
not judging you for what you have become,
but there to show you what you could be.

So look past the orange-white light
and to the skyline
as it gets all of the attention.

When the city falls asleep,
remember who it is
guiding you home past midnight


My First Attempt at Drawing – Yoshi


Here is my drawing of Mario’s sidekick Yoshi, he is a dinosaur found in the famous Mario video games.  I found a drawing of him online and was inspired to try to draw it myself. I decided that I would give drawing shot, I always want to try so why not?! I’m always up for trying something new and for a guy who is not much of an artist, I think it turned out well!



He hides behind a new sea of camouflage
shades of green and brown colors
similar to the terrain he fights on

it’s what he breaths now,
it consumes him
it’s his new norm

he’s killed a man in cold-blood
and strangled another until his last breath
but he won’t let it be told
nor will he ever tell his family
or seven-year-old daughter,

he doesn’t want her dad to become the enemy.

He sits there alone in the desert,
under the stars as his camouflage colors
turn into shades of greys and blacks
for he is a man who has lost himself, behind army lines.

At home, he imagines
his daughter sitting on the window sill,
waiting for his return and running
down the front stairs and into his arms
before he can make it to the door.

His image shoots warmth through his veins
and into his heart not for if his moment will ever happen,
but when it does.

She doesn’t know it, maybe never will,
it’s her
that makes him stay alive
for another day,
it’s her

that is
his hero

I Won a Poetry Award!


So I recently entered my school’s poetry competition for a collection of poems and my collection didn’t win, but one of my poems did!

My poem Write in Color, won an Honorable Mention as a stand alone poem and I got the chance to read it in front of a bunch of people, it was awesome. Thanks to all of my readers for inspiring me and pushing me forward, never would have thought a poem of mine would ever win anything to be honest.

PS: Not too sure what a guy like me is going to do with a rose. I told one of the judges I would have rather taken an Xbox lol Hopefully I can find somewhere to donate it to, I don’t want to waste it lol

PPS: I actually found and went to a place to donate the rose!