After the Storm

December 27, 2012

Wait for it, wait for it… another poem. Don’t get too excited, I know everyone loves my poems. Try and contain yourself for this one. Cue the poetry!

Neither a word nor whisper in the air

A man staggers down the street
Caressing a photograph in his hand
Wind gusts swirl through the tortured town
Toward a new destination
Tall, marvelous buildings now
Undressed with their gowns lying on the floor

Birds creep into cracks
Have no songs left to sing
To get scraps of old remains for their nest
Tears trickle down the man’s face as
His lips draw a blank
Memories flash in his head
The sun a familiar visitor
Rises to watch and spread love to the survivors
But can’t hide the hurt

Onwards to the next town
The wind lifts picks up the photograph
For a roller coaster ride
Circles around and places back on the ground
A school of fish once splashed in the sea

Now stuck to the sand

The man says a final goodbye
As the picture swirls toward the sky

You are probably wondering where is the pretty picture that goes with the poem. Well, I forgot to put one and was going to add one, but then I realized words without a picture really makes you think and paint a picture for yourself!

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30 Responses to “After the Storm”

  1. ocnlvr83 Says:

    I didn’t even know you had posted a new poem. My reader on WordPress clearly is broken. What a beautiful poem, even without the photo.


  2. Oh that’s nice I did have a beautiful picture in my mind!!! Espically the swirling wind!


  3. Vinny Says:

    That’s good! If I could make the reader develop some imagery then I am doing my job, yes! :D lol


  4. Ha Tikvah Says:

    Hi Vinny
    Thanks for swinging by my blog & letting me know you did :)) Gives me an extra push to get myself motivated to actually post something a bit more constructive soon LOL! HTK


  5. Thank-you for visiting and commenting on my poem. It provided a path here for which I’m grateful. Love your work. This poem gave me a tremendous feeling of sadness, but the hope glimmered through and made me smile. Very, very nice.


  6. *Sniffle*
    Dear gods, that’s beautiful. You have a magnificent talent for creating a beautiful scene in the mind’s eye.


  7. The photograph in his hands…an old flame? A pic of what his surroundings used to be? I love this.


  8. Charity Says:

    Adore the imagery


    • Vinny Says:

      Imagery is key for me in a poem. I love painting those images (not literally paint because I’m bad at art) :/ lol


      • Charity Says:

        Lol I’m ok at art but painting with words is much more fun and there’s no paint brushes to wash after :P. But yah the imagery in your poetry captured my attention right off (:


      • Vinny Says:

        “No paint brushes to wash after” <— this is so very true, but I do miss art class in Elementary school :/ Stop with all of the niceness over there Ms.! :P


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