Curves of a Silhouette

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We envy
the silhouette
and not
the mirror

knowing a silhouette is
and above all

In reality,
a silhouette is merely
a life-less shadow
here to tell us

perfection is bliss
beauty is skin deep
and a silhouette,
above nothing else,

is a temporary stencil

Don’t Leave Me


and leave me
nothing at all.
I’m fading
into the realm of non-existence
so before I go,
take my hand,
and remind me once more
that this life isn’t as cruel
as it’s set out to be.

As I’m
and further
into the realm of imaginary
just remember to leave me
as I was,

never here, never alive and
nothing at all

Red Lipstick

cute girl reflection

Behind red lips
hides a new girl.

She’s beautiful,
sweet and
she wanted to be.

Red lips make her
a model, a star
and one who
lives for the attention.

Tell me why,
every night,
she washes her face
removes her makeup
and red lipstick
she cries black tears,
refuses to look in the mirror
and face the girl she used to be

This poem reminds me of the first poem that I posted on here a really long time ago. Check it out if you like (in the link I provided) because it actually fits this poem pretty well!

Fallin’ Star

falling star colors

Once bright
bold and beautiful
now dark
and diminished.

Its time in the sky
has come and gone
as there’s not enough room
among the other 100 billion.
It’s hard to stand out
in the crowd
when you’re
a tiny red dwarf

but no matter the company,
no matter the odds
shine on
shine like a supernova

without your help,
the world is darkness with

no way home,
no escape and
no one to shine along with

Color Me Silent


I need you
between my fingers,
within my reach.
I promise
I won’t use you,
I’ll use you, but only for me
– sorry, I lied
what you have
is what I desire
and I’ve gotten this far
without you here.

I’ve learned to cope
an empty-soul
a color less world
and a meaning-less being
but now
what are we waiting for?

Now that
you’re in my grasp
I need you to dance,
brush me along
with you,
on the table,
and color me silent

My Words, My Way


I refuse to follow the rules
of most writers. I must
express my words, my way
because I don’t believe
in dramatic detail
complicated words
and forced meaning;
it takes away

Words without heart
are like t’s
without crosses
and i’s
without dots.

As my words
line up here

l e t t e r after l e t t e r

take them for what they are,
don’t over look them
for everything they are not
and don’t force them
to be
something they don’t want to.

Buried Alive

This poem is dedicated to all the obsessed zombie lovers out there.

Go ahead,
judge me act like
I never existed.

All I wanted to do
was fit in,
but now I am.

I’m the leader of my horde.
Trust me, it’s better
in the after-life.
We are alone here,
but we are alone; together.

Let me bite you
sink my teeth into your skin.
Let me drain the blood
in your veins and
quench my hunger.

For when I’m finished,
don’t resist
the transformation,
embrace it.

Think of it as new life
and another opportunity
to walk among the living